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Virtual Festival Worlds

Let's think outside the box and imagine a place where your festival fans can come together, talk, interact, play games and can have fun wherever they are!


With FestAdventure we want to bring the metaverse closer to people by gathering fans from all over the world in a virtual festival landscape (standard or custom build) with endless possibilities. 


In short; we bring your festival alive on a screen. We build next-level virtual festivals, but most importantly, interactive landscapes that organizations in general can use to bring people together.


The Future of Gathering


By using FestAdventure as a virtual festival, organizations can upgrade the process of attracting (new) visitors, fans and community members to blockchain-related products and services like NFTs with special utilities, festival merchandise, collectors items etc. This all comes together in a standard or custom built digital, interactive landscape, owned by an organization.

Provide a digital place for events and festivals around the world to hype the social experience of a real one. Whether they host a 1.000, 5.000 or even 50.000 attendees event, FestAdventure gives them access to interactive areas, dynamic livestreams and fun connections with brand partners, sponsors and artists.

The Future of Gathering
Why FestAdventure?

Why FestAdventure?

Create An Unique Community Platform
Build your own community and gather thousands of people in your own Virtual Festival World that is interactive, fun and useful for fans, visitors and also for your organization.


Generate Extra Income
When your real-world festival is sold-out, your ticket income stops. FestAdventure can be used to sell more tickets where people can join the 'Virtual Festival' edition anywhere from the world. How cool is that?!

Check our in-depth Info Sheet to read more about FestAdventure in general.

Interactive, Fun & Web3 Ready


We have built already an amazing 'Standard' Virtual Festival World what you can use instantly with your own festival branding.

We integrated some cool features like livestreams, a photo gallery, movie theater, video-calls for special meet & greets, fun and gamefi, PDF-presentations and even NFT-access. All integrations can be used and set up in area’s you choose.

Interested? Let's meet!

Our team has over 15 years of experience organizing events and festivals and knows how to deal with festival marketing in general. In combination with 5+ years of technical, blockchain and web3 experience we are able to create a perfect virtual festival world where everything comes together.

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